Thursday, August 19, 2010


I used to get really offended when I told people I was sad and they found it necessary to point out the "real" suffering in the world. Actually, I would still probably find this offensive, or just insensitive. But today I feel like it's been a blessing to spend some time knowing that there is a lot of real, hard, physical suffering in the world.

It made me think about how hard it is to know that God is in control of all of that. The next thing I think about is the truth that I know from my own life. When things look bleak, when I'm depressed and full of shame and sinfulness, it is because we humans are sinful and our sin caused this world to be broken. Additionally, God doesn't call us to sit there and get mad and yell at him about it. We might do that for a while, but eventually we have to get proactive. God gives us tools. He gives us the strength to use those tools. People have to start orphanages and adopt children and raise money and build homes. I had to see a therapist and a psychiatrist and force myself out of bed and keep a journal.

I don't really know if these thoughts are making sense. I just feel somewhat good today, and I'm happy. I think it's a mixture of an improved perspective, some lifestyle changes, prayer, antidepressants, and the people God has given me that love me well. I'm learning, finally, I think, that my identity doesn't lie in anything but Christ, and in Christ, I am clean and righteous and can do good things. I've learned this for a long time, but it's sticking better.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I can feel it coming, a wave of depression. All I can think to do is complain. I am grateful for many things right now, I want to remember that before I complain. I am grateful for my new home, my new roommates, my new life lessons from God, my old friends, my job, my salvation, God's grace, and God's love. I think my circumstances are overwhelming me, and I'm not exactly fighting it. I want to get sad, because I feel more ______ when I am. I don't know the right word for that blank.

1. real
2. alive
3. important
4. aware
5. all of the above

My family is crazy. My mom is freaking me out. I don't trust any of the members of my family, and I don't feel like I am a part of my family, and I don't necessarily feel a grand desire to be either. There, I said it. I just can't handle how difficult it is to have any kind of conversation with any of them.

I got this dog and it's so much work and I don't know why I imposed such an overwhelming responsibility on myself. Anyone can tell you. I don't really like dogs. Maybe I was trying to do something selfless, or maybe I was trying to impress someone (not sure who), or maybe I was trying to be normal. Normal adults get dogs all the time. I think the dog thing is what is really getting me down. Which seems crazy.

Oh there is also the normal, constant issue in my life, which changes names but is never positive, and that is my relationships with members of the opposite sex. And I keep getting stressed out about theology. Am I a seven day creationist? Am I a middle roader? Am I going to hell if I don't believe in the inerrancy of Scripture in all matters, even those not spiritual? I like to think that my love for Jesus, my experience of God, my understanding of the need for Jesus' death, and my desire to know more and live more like Christ every day, though I fail constantly, is enough, and these quibbles can be discussed (I love theological debate) but they don't determine my righteousness. But maybe I'm wrong?

I have been reading this week (on my smartphone) the Psalms, because I am always reading the Psalms, and I read a few verses recently emphasizing waiting on God. I need to learn this lesson. I am quick to seek satisfaction in life for all these needs I think I must meet right then and there. If I could just wait on God. I wouldn't keep falling in these holes.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I am trying to relax. I am trying to breath slowly. But I am stressed. out. It's making me anxious, and nervous, and I think my new dosage is adding to it by increasing my energy just a little too much. I keep finding myself shaking my leg and it's driving me crazy. I had a slight panic attack today, if such a thing is possibly, I definitely felt awful and panicky but I was trying so hard not to let it overcome me because I was with my new roommate and I didn't want to freak her out. But it sucked. Everything is frustrating me. Moving is stressful. My family is stressful. Getting a pet is stressful. Trying to overcome sin is stressful. My best friend telling me she's moving away months earlier than I thought is stressful. Organizing my social calender is stressful. Training for a new job, keeping up with my old job, thinking about my future.

I need to catch a break.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wretched sinner

I had a big, fat flop yesterday. One of those times where you stare sin in the face, call it sin, and then open the door and offer it milk and cookies. I knew while it was happening that I would regret it, that I would be burdened with guilt and anxiety. But I ran right into it. God opened some doors for me to step out of it, but I shut them in His face.

How do I accept God's forgiveness as well as the gravity of my mistake? How do I not dwell on it to the point that it creates a rift between me and God, but also not flippantly stamp forgiven on it and toss in the wastebasket?

Maybe it's best to get to the root of it, then commit to praying that God help me believe and know that He fills that need, that He satisfies fully, that He loves me, delights in me, and truly wants the best for me.

I need to stop hating myself. I keep saying this, over and over and over, but then someone hurts my feelings and it all comes rushing back and I feel worthless, pitiable, alone, and vulnerable. Last night, instead of truly turning to the Lord with that feeling, asking him to remind me where my worth comes from, which would have been so simple, so satisfying, so beautiful, I took the world's advice.

Here's the rub. I did feel better. The relief was instant. The world's answer brought me some joy. I know in the end it will fail me. I know it's not God's will for my life, so it cannot be the best. Lord Jesus, I believe, but help my unbelief.