Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeling blessed

I went to the therapist again yesterday, and the psychiatrist today. Maybe I'm crazy to think this, but I took the first dose of the anti depressant prescribed to me and I feel better. I know it doesn't work that fast. But maybe it does. Or maybe it's triggering mania, and I have to go down that road again. Either way, it was truly a blessing this evening.

An old friend came to me in that way that only old friends can after not being close for a while. She came to me for advice. She has always been my go-to girl when I'm extremely down and she listens and advises, and when she has come to me in the past, I have always felt inadequate and unhelpful.

But tonight, she was going through a lot of the same feelings I've been going through. And I was ready! I was reading with God-centered, edifying advice. Advice that I couldn't have offered, though of, or known, if the Lord hadn't chosen to teach it to me through my depression and counseling.

So maybe this is a false, medication induced high. But maybe, definitely, God is working in that.

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