Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another thing.

Not to overwhelm the blogosphere or anything, but another realization I had this evening:

It is TRUE that our value does not come from others and their opinions, but from the already completed amazing work of Jesus Christ on the cross that makes us whole and perfect to our Father God, who created us, loves us and chose us.

I have this long-lasting sick demented way of thinking about myself that depends entirely on others, and sometimes on just one person. To the extent that several people can love on me and God can show me He loves me but if this one person doesn't love me or treat me right that day, I am devastated. I give him this power over my self-worth that he has done nothing to deserve. Thank the Lord that I have friends to remind me that it's not because of me being worth less than any one else that this person doesn't love me.

This is what God knows is best for me, right now. He knows it is not best for this person to love me. He knows there is a much more abundant life than what I want.

And I have to write this down, because I know it will happen again. I'm so quick to forget these lessons.

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